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Algebra has been frustrating students for nearly 4000 years. So, yeah, you’re pretty normal. Teachers have been struggling to teach algebra for scores of centuries. Thankfully, today, we have volumes and volumes of research proving the most effective ways to teach it. 


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Geometry doesn’t normally give students as much trouble as algebra… however, it is often a close runner up. Geometry is one of the oldest branches of mathematics. So you can comfort in the fact that the tradition of learning geometry dates many thousands of years. 


Pre-Calc & Calc

The Seattle Math Tutors team finds calculus to be one of the most beautiful math subjects in existence. But… not the way it’s normally taught. We prefer to teach calc in a much more conceptually way. One of the most important ideas in calc is “rate of change.”


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Arithmetic first grew out of India and Islamic countries. Arithmetic stems from the greek word for numbers. Arithmetic has to do with the operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division) of numbers. We believe it is one of the core foundational skills in maths.


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