A brief look into one of Seattle’s top neighborhoods, and all it has to offer


A Place To Be

Located in the most northwest major city of the continental US is the largest city in the Northwest, Seattle!

Known for its vibrant greenery, diverse culture, bustling nightlife, and so much more- there is something for EVERYONE looking to visit or live in this beautiful place. Seattle is especially unique- it’s located on an isthmus between the Puget sound and Lake Washington. An isthmus is a narrow strip of land with sea on either side that formulates a link between two bigger areas of land.

Packed inside this little gem of land is eclectic people, trades, nature spots, even art! Although the city’s first dabble of industry began in logging, Seattle has flourished into many more industries. Some of the world’s largest corporations such as Amazon, Costco, Microsoft, Starbucks, Nordstrom… the list is endless!

Seattle has become a hub for young professionals, growing families, really anyone who wants a healthy mix of rich nature in AND out of their urban environment. And of course, like many other cities in America, Seattle has branched into an assortment of neighborhoods that can cater to every personality with their unique interests.

But which is the BEST? That’s a pretty subjective question with an even more subjective answer, but we’ll take a look into one of the highest quality neighborhoods located in Seattle as well as its demographic and things to do.


A Community within A Community

Seattle’s finest may be a small, tight-knit community but it packs a punch! Located on the western shore of Lake Union, just outside of East Queen Anne is Westlake. Westlake was just nominated as the number one place to live in Seattle as well as one of the top places to raise a family!

It’s a very dense urban neighborhood, which insinuates that a majority of the population rent their residences. However, if you walk along the narrow neighborhood you’re sure to spot interesting homes and condo options! The ideal attraction of this neighborhood is its close proximity to downtown, which means the commute isn’t as arduous!

For the populace that are starting a family or already have one, we didn’t forget about you! Although this spot is great for young professionals and anyone who works downtown, there are amazing school options that are highly rated!

Some public options include: Cascadia Elementary, Ballard High School, and Thornton Creek School! If you want a more private education for your kids, then the well-known Lakeside School might be a fit for you! 

Don’t let its small size fool you! 

There are plenty of things to do, such as fun restaurants and decent nightlife. 


Things To Do

Ride the Westlake Bikeway: Also known as the Westlake Avenue North Cycle Track, it’s a protected bike lane. It runs the length of Westlake, but the best part? It connects Downtown Seattle directly to the Burke-Gilman Trail. It is SUCH a wonderful hotspot to hit as an avid biker, it gives you the chance to enjoy your favorite pastime and get a taste of the city!

Visit the “Sleepless in Seattle” Floating Home: If you’re familiar with the flick “Sleepless in Seattle” starring Tom Hanks, you definitely know which house this is! It’s not as easily visible on land, which makes this an excellent opportunity to rent a kayak or boat and take a peek at the most recognizable house in Seattle!

Chill Out in Lake Union Park: Bordering right on the line between South Lake Union and Westlake is this 12-acre beauty of a park! They have a tiny beach on the lake, lots of open space, a fountain to sit by, and is home to the Museum of History and Industry as well!

Take a SPIN at the Electric Boat Company: Take in the breathtaking views of Seattle on this fabulous little boat! They offer both standard and luxury Duffy boat options, you can even gather a group of up to 12 to take the fun scenic trip with you! A fun feature they offer for ages 25 and up is a chance to steer the wheel of the boat yourself! 

Visit the Swedish Cultural Center: This is a center representative of the rich, dynamic, amazing Swedish culture. They offer a wide array of activities such as virtual culture & language courses, weaving classes, a book club, dancing, folklore, and more. One of their major appeals is the first Sunday of every month- they offer authentic Swedish pancakes! 

Try out Kenmore Air: At the south end of Lake Union is a Kenmore Air seaplane terminal. You can book a flight to explore Seattle both in the air and on the water. They also provide trips to explore some of Washington and Seattle’s greatest tourist attractions.

Explore the Westlake Greenbelt: Greenbelt is a term used to generally address a type of underdeveloped environment. They have clean air and water, productive farmlands, really land that isn’t populated with humans or civilization. Enjoy the wooded slopes and greenery of Seattle’s smallest greenbelt and appreciate the bounty of its nature.

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