Arithmetic was, along with geometry, one of the first sub-fields of mathematics. This is fitting and proper because in reality arithmetic is today a fundamental skill of mathematics that must be learned in order to progress to more challenging and difficult courses such as algebra and calc.

We believe a few good ways that tutors can teach arithmetic is to use visuals. Visuals and images can be very helpful and conducive to learning, especially for younger students. We also believe games can be a powerful motivator for students in elementary school. 

The truth is — arithmetic is the foundation of all mathematics. It is very important that you get the basics down. We’ve seen so many students in algebra missing easily two-foot shots, missing easy lay-ups, all because they didn’t have the fundamental skills nailed-down tight. We believe this is why it’s worth it to start tutoring for your child even in elementary school. And also why its high payoff to drill the fundamentals and ensure that your child is learning them and finding them easy. 

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