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One of the most important things students study and learn in middle school is pre-algebra. Middle school is the age when we start to see the biggest divergence happen: some students gain skills while others fall more and more behind. 

Our co-founder, Eric M Earle, remembers being one of the latter students. He didn’t realize that at the time, however. But looking back now it is clear to him that he was slipping behind other students. He was busy coping from his friend Wolfgang’s paper — instead of actually attempting to learn the material. Eric’s other friends were gaining more skills. While Eric was only putting forth the illusion of good grades. And that’s the sad thing! At this age, Eric was bringing home B+’s and A-‘s. That’s how failed our school system is today. We have decided that we would rather not hurt children’s feelings. This is a great example of grade inflation poorly effectively children. And unfortunately, the problem of grade inflation is much worse today than it was when Eric was in middle school.

We think that the middle school years are one of the best, most underrated times to high a tutor. It will likely have a big pay-off for you and your family! What are you waiting for? Why might you consider signing up for a free tutoring session today? 

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