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Thanks for choosing to read through out elementary mathematics page. We’ve said it over and over on this site — and we say it to our customers all the time — mathematics is about mastering the fundamentals. We want our students to make every single lay-up. We believe students should rarely, if ever, miss easy questions on exams. 

Much of elementary mathematics boils down to teaching style. One of the best things we can do at this age is to help peak a student’s curiosity towards mathematics. We need to make it interesting and fun. This is why we believe in the gamification of math education at this age. It is also a great idea to use visuals and get students thinking creatively. 

Another great idea is to show kids how math relates to the real world. Many teachers try this. But they relate math to boring things like buying a can of soda or mowing the lawn. But kids aren’t interested in that. You have to tailor your approach to each individual student. Maybe one kid likes monopoly and another student likes chess. Show them how numbers and mathematics apply to what they are interested in. That is how to make students interested! And that will win them over and inspire their mathematics education for a lifetime. 

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