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Seattle Math Tutors was born in the summer of 2021. Brothers Eric and Andy Earle new that they wanted to make an impact and help improve the education system in the USA. Eric M Earle had recently read a book called “A Year to Live.” This book made Eric question his life and think about what he would want to do if he only had one year left. He decided that the most impactful thing he could was start a few local tutoring websites that could help improve education on the local level.

Seattle, Washington was one of the cities the brothers chose. They recognized Seattle as a vibrant and growing city that was ready for and open to change. 

Teaming up with several local math tutors, the brothers founded Seattle Math Tutors. They chose to focus on math because they knew it would have the most impact, especially in a high-tech city such as Seattle. The Earle brothers knew from experience how valuable mathematics was. They also knew that in order for Seattle to stay competitive in the job market—the city needed more students specializing in STEM fields.

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Eric m earle

co-founder & CEO

Ironically, for the founder of a mathematics tutoring organization, Eric M Earle struggled with math for the majority of his young-life. He hated math. He used to sit at the kitchen table crying when his parents forced him to learn division and multiplication in elementary school. Math was like pulling teeth for him. He “got by” in math all the way through high school. Normally, this consisted of copying work from his neighbors and using the internet to solve homework problems. He commonly said, “when am I ever going to need math in the real world?” 

During his undergraduate program, he exclaimed with great pride how he managed to get through without taking a single math or science course. 

But this all changed when Eric took a life-changing medical volunteer to trip to India. Eric realized that his calling was to become a doctor. So, when he returned to the US, Eric enrolled in post graduate pre-med courses. He realized that at the age of 25, it would now take him another 5 years of work to even start medical school. But he was determined.

Eric went back to University and earned straight A’s in every course (even O Chem and Calc II).  

During this time, Eric grew his Portland tutoring company into one of the largest local tutoring companies in Portland. They focused mainly on mathematics.  

Now, Eric and his brother have decided to expand operations and also start a local math tutoring company right here in Seattle, Washington. The idea for the company began when Eric read a book called “A Year to Live.” Eric decided that if he only had a year left to live… he would like to live it making an impact and improving the math education system in America. That’s how Seattle Math Tutors came to be! Thanks for choosing to read a bit about us. We appreciate that. 


“The waterfront is definitely my favorite part of Seattle. And I’m always looking to the future — and thinking about the future goals of my students. That’s one reason I love this telescope. It encapsulates that ethos.” – Eric M Earle

andrew m earle

director of content & Marketing

Andy Earle Seattle Math Tutors

Eric often credits most of Seattle Math Tutors success to his brother Andy. His brother is the brains behind the operating, Eric says. Andy is great at keeping Eric on task and encouraging Eric to always be working On the business instead of In the business. 

Andy is primarily a researcher, writer, and host of the talking to teens podcast (the number one podcast for parents on teenage communication). 

The Earle brothers realized that Eric’s passion for teaching and Andy’s skill in writing and content creation would make for a powerful team — one that could dramatically improve the state of mathematics education in Seattle, Washington. 

Eric’s message wouldn’t have reached anyone if it wasn’t for his brother Andy. Andy is skilled at writing the blog and creating content to educate both parents and teenagers. Together, they have created hundreds and hundreds of educational blog posts related to math history and math education. Feel free to read our blog

pike place market seattle

“My favorite part of Seattle is definitely the Pike Place Market. I can spend a lot of time there. The people. The vibrancy. The commerce. I just love the feeling and aliveness of it all.” – Andrew M Earle

The seattle math tutors

A team you can count on

Our team is composed of tutors with a passion for mathematics and a knack for teaching. Our tutors are dedicated to the educational success of your student. One of the things we believe most firmly in is the benefit of active learning. Our co-founder, Eric M Earle, realized the benefits of active learning himself when he was a post-graduate student studying mathematics (and taking learning and school seriously for the first time). 

Another thing that makes our team unique is the differing view points and styles of all our tutors. Our philosophy has always been to find great tutors and then get out of their way — and let them do what they do best: teach & inspire students. 

The Seattle Math Tutors team understands that learning mathematics can be super hard and frustrating. Many of our tutors once struggled with mathematics themselves. But they all learned it. That means they can help your child learn math, too.

At Seattle Math Tutors — we believe that your student can learn anything.