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Has your child recently started scoring poorly in mathematics? Are you reading report cards that look awful? We know that many students hate math—and often refuse to let their parents help them or even look at their online education portal. Let us help you. This is what we do. Helping Seattle students improve their math grades is 100% of our focus.

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many students have lost faith in their ability.

they no longer have hope that they can succeed at mathematics.

It’s time to get them help.


To a new type of learning

We are the Seattle Math Tutors team. We’re a group of friendly and passionate in-home math tutors located right here in Seattle, Washington.

We have a firm belief that anyone can learn math. Often, students simply need the right teacher. Math is a stressful subject—and many students struggle with math anxiety and test-taking issues. 

At Seattle Math Tutors—math is all we do. We live math. We breathe it. And, of course, we teach it, too.


math tutoring for All ages & subjects

From arithmetic to algebra to calculus, we do it all. Helping k-12 students in the Seattle area learn mathematics is 100% of our focus. It’s why we exist. This is why our team gets out of bed every morning—to help you and your student succeed at math and achieve your academic goals.


Experienced tutors

We look for tutors who are experienced at teaching math. There are a lot of people in the world who have strong math skills. But there are comparatively few who have the ability to teach it. Because after-all, teaching math is no easy task. Our math tutors are talented and experienced at what they do. Whether your child needs to brush up on their math skills, and improve from a B to an A—or whether they are 3-4 years behind grade level and need a massive overhaul, we’re here to help. And we’re not shocked by it. We’ve seen it all. 

friendly attitude

We believe that all businesses should spend more time thinking about how they can help their customers. One way we put this belief into action is by adopting a friendly attitude towards all of our clients and members. 

experts in our field

We keep Seattle up-to-date with the latest advice on how to succeed academically. Our blog is where our expert team writes about strategies for academic success—and how to adopt the most-effective mindset for learning. 



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Don’t let another assignment go missing. Never read a bad report card again. 

We want to help your family make this academic year one to remember. Together, let’s make it a goal for this year to mark the turning point: the year your child turned their life around. It’s the year your family says: we’re tired of awful math grades. We’re through with poor progress reports. We’ve had enough. Sometimes that can be a powerful emotion. Together, let’s turn your child’s life around—and get their math grades headed in the right direction. 

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Enroll in our platinum membership and start living-life with the ease of our better math grade guarantee. Attend all 3 weekly math tutoring sessions for 3 months, and if your child’s math grades haven’t improved, we will refund you for your entire membership. 


backed by a money-back guarantee

We will offer you a complete refund for any unused tutoring sessions with us. We get it. Sometimes customers change their mind. Occasionally, parents’ situation or finances change. We don’t think people should be penalized for unforeseen changes. That’s why we offer a no-questions-asked refund for any sessions which you haven’t used. 


in-home math tutors

All of our math tutors are based here locally in Seattle, Washington. Schedule a free session and we will match you with the perfect tutor. 


expert educators ready to help

Our tutors aren’t just good at math—they’re also great tutors, teachers, and educators. One thing that sets our philosophy apart is that we believe tutors can also be great mentors. Our tutors can serve as positive role models for your kid.


flexible to fit your schedule

We know that your family has a busy schedule. Sports. After-school activities. It doesn’t take long for your family to get pretty booked-up. That’s why we’ve designed our memberships to fit about your busy schedule. 

learn more about us

Check out our about us page or read through one of our well-researched blog articles. We like to stay at the cutting-edge of mathematics education research—and we are constantly reading peer-reviewed studies, combing through the literature to find the best, most effective strategies for teaching mathematics.

browse our subjects

We are happy to help you with any math subject in the k-12 grade levels. The most popular subject that we help students with is definitely algebra. We know how hard and daunting this subject can be. But it’s actually one of the most useful courses in all of mathematics! So, obviously, we’re pretty stoked about algebra. (To be honest, we also get too excited about classes like pre-calc and trigonometry, too).



meet the co-founders

Seattle Math Tutors was founded by two brothers: Eric and Andy Earle. Eric and Andy grew up very close to Seattle, in the little-sister town of Portland. So they have a good understanding of the pacific-northwest vibe. The brothers have an appreciation for the rain and the beauty and natural wonder that it brings to the region. Together, they founded Seattle Math Tutors in 2021. The Earle brothers knew that they wanted to focus exclusively on mathematics tutoring because math was one of the most difficult subjects for Eric Earle to learn—and he wanted to make sure no kids ever had to struggle like he once did.



read our blog

We’re super passionate about mathematics. Just take a look at our blog. We believe a company’s excitement should be tangible and easy-to-see from their website. We love writing about math. Our blog is the place where our philosophy, our teaching methodologies, and our point-of-view all come together. We believe that, mostly, learning math effectively boils down to having the proper mindset and mentality.



Start improving at math & bringing home better grades.

free math tutoring

Seriously. We offer a free in-home math tutoring session to pretty much anyone in Seattle who wants one. Our tutoring is mainly geared towards high school and middle school students who are attending a public or private school in Seattle and currently struggling with math. If that sounds like you, or someone in your family, give us a holler and schedule your free math tutoring session today.


Yeah. We’re pretty stoked about being able to offer all Seattle households a free in-home math tutoring session. That’s pretty cool.

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we support you and your family, regardless of how old your kids are, or how many hours of help they need.


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  • Flexibility around your busy schedule  
  • Refund for any unused tutoring hours
  • Friendly customer service 


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  • Refund for any unused tutoring hours
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  • Access to our super tutors 
  • Goal setting and academic coaching


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  • Flexibility around your busy schedule 
  • Refund for any unused tutoring hours
  • Friendly customer service 
  • Access to our super tutors 
  • Goal setting and academic coaching
  • Free executive functioning skills session each month
  • Backed by our famous better math grade guarantee 


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approach math with the right mindset

Learning mathematics is all about having the proper mindset. This is backed by decades of research showing that students who have a growth oriented mindset are far more successful at learning math.

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We offer a free tutoring session to all households in the Seattle area that have a student actively enrolled in a public or private middle or high school in the area. If that sounds like you or your family — we are happy to help!


have the help of an expert tutor

Having an expert super tutor to guide your child will be one of the most important things you can ever do for them. Our co-founder, Eric M Earle, wishes that he had a math tutor growing up. He thinks back on his life and wonders how it might have been different if he had.

top blog posts

We write an up-to-date blog with the goal of keeping Seattle residents informed about all-things math and Pacific Northwest.

Math History

Eric M earle

History of algebra

Algebra has challenged and confused many human beings over the years—and still to this day. It’s hard to believe that algebra originated over 4,000 years ago!

hannah conroy writer

Learning Effectiveness

hannah b conroy

Tips & tricks for improving at math

A common misconception people have is that mathematics is an inborn skill. It’s not. You can learn it. You can learn anything. You just need the proper tools and strategy. 

Emerald City

andrew m earle

the real life emerald city

How Seattle, Washington has become a hub for both historical and recent math figures to the pave the way for the development of math education. 

hannah conroy writer

Female Figures in Math

Hannah b conroy

Notable women in mathematics

This is a math history article about the notable women in mathematics. The impact that they have had. The people that they have inspired.  

tutor tips

Hydrate. It’s really important to stay hydrated before a big exam. Research has shown that students who drink water before an exam are less likely to suffer from test-anxiety. Evidence also shows that students who bring water into an exam are likely to score 10% higher.

Practice, Practice, Practice. Research shows that taking lots of practice exams can improve your score when it comes time for the real-thing. We’ve known for over 100 years that testing improves our knowledge and increasing the rate at which we learn. It also improves our memory. Bottom-line: testing taking is incredibly effective.

Space out your studying. You’ve likely heard they saying: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, remember, it’s not 7 apples on Sunday. Or 50 apples in the 2 hours before seeing your doctor. That isn’t helpful. Cramming like that doesn’t work effectively. It’s an apple-a-day. Study for one hour everyday. 

Eat Healthy. Can healthier school lunches actually improve academic performance? Research has shown that it can. Yep. The food we feed our children actually matters. Research has shown that when students at school are fed healthier lunches, their test scores improve. Healthy meals can raise test scores by 4%. 

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